Texting Ladies

How contemporary Booty Call Goes Down

Most of us have got that buddy who can’t put their phone down from the club. The guy who’s got eight text conversations with ladies taking place immediately. You’re wanting to collect new girls, and he’s just wanting to nail down the ones he is already got. You’re not impressed. He is becoming a sh*tty wingman. However you will have to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method often operates. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you will get turn off. And often your ex you’re speaking with provides it in a totally different way. Nonetheless it requires way less effort than wanting to grab during the club.

We’re searching for some actual text-message exchanges that skate around a matchmaking or gender issue. The people you really have at 2 a.m. that start out with, “Hey :)” and in some way find yourself garnering a reply from girl on the other hand — whether positive or bad.

Below are a few instances from… ahem… some guys we all know.

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