Asma Chaudhary


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Asma Chaudhary
About the author

Asma Chaudhary's artworks explore the duality of a domesticated homemaker by physically recreating the home environment. Asma makes every effort to use discarded materials and repurpose them into basic necessities for survival such as shelter, warmth, luminance, sustenance, mobility, and intellectual growth. Some of her installations include breaking down grocery carts and welding them into chairs, sewing workman’s gloves together to create couture-like dresses and cushions, and reformatting sleeping bags to play on the idea of innocence and crisis. Asma pays homage to handicrafts made by village artisans in India and Pakistan through her use of vibrant colors and intricate techniques. As part of her aesthetic research efforts to study South Asian culture, Asma has taken trips to Sialkot and Lahore in Pakistan as well as to Abu Dhabi, Deira, Dubai, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. She is a member of the International Sculpture Center's Sculpture Magazine, Washington Project for the Arts, CulturalDC, Washington Sculptors Group, District of Columbia Arts Center, and the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Her artwork has been featured in Studio Visit Magazine and the So to Speak Journal.