Beth LeBlanc


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Beth LeBlanc
About the author

Beth LeBlanc began her love of photography at a very early age, gravitating to the camera as a child. With encouragement from her father, LeBlanc pursued more formal training as early as high school when he gave her his old film camera from her childhood. She has since trained under National Geographic photographers as well as NASA photographers who train astronauts in how to photograph the earth from space. LeBlanc pursues travel photography as a creative balance to her life in the aerospace industry. Her education in systems engineering and law shows through in her art in her love of rich detail in each photo. Photography, is a means to examine the details of the sphere around me. Beth LeBlanc utilizes her lens to share how she sees things from her engineering mind, honing in on the details in our global system so easily missed in our daily lives. Using digital photography, LeBlanc strives to keep her images as close as possible to her mind’s vision. LeBlanc is a contributor for Inmagine Stock Photography and her work can be seen at Gallerie Spectra in Houston, Texas. LeBlanc’s ambition is to share her photography vision outside of Houston to a larger audience.