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Daniela Banatova
About the author

As far as I remember I wanted to be an artist. The textile design had a special fascination for me. That is why I spent many years in the school for the textile art design where I learnt the technique of bobbin lace. I had fallen in love with it and I continued this venue since. It is very exciting for me to combine the shapes, colors and matrix of textile to create visual abstract patterns . Almost all of my works are inspired by nature, but represented primarily in abstraction. My organic forms exude primordial essence. I would like my technique to be matrix of cells coming together to form a being the form of life. I strive for my composition to be a balanced harmony of positive and negative space, of texture and color. Bio I was born in Europe in Czech Republic. Since 2000 I live in Belleview Florida. Education: 1983-87 Fabric design (special school for talented) diploma in textile design 1987-92 Masaryk University in Brno, Master Degree in History of Art and Aesthetics Work history: 1990-96 owned and published philosophy oriented magazine 1992-99 teaching position at Art school for talented students 1993-95 teaching in School of art design 1994-96 teaching in private school Aesthetic 1996-2000 established and run a private school for young artists. I established nonprofit organization Spirit of the International Art. I am co-founder and president of Art Club of Belleview, Florida. I am organizing art venues in our area and student international and local art exhibitions. Exhibitions: 1987 Young artist exhibition Prague 1994 Young artist international. Exhibition Brussels 1995 Art gallery Chagall Ostrava, Czech Republic 1996 Art gallery Della Ostrava 1997 Exhibition of art teaching professionals Ostrava. Czech Republic 2004 Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, I got honorable mention in Home decor magazin for bobbin lacelampshade