Diane 'Santo' Bresee


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Diane 'Santo' Bresee
About the author

Little did I know that my interest in art as a child that art would become the passion it is for me today! In recent years, my quest for understanding took me to remote areas in Papua New Guinea(PNG). My interest in regional and native art resulted in a series of oil paintings, "Portraits from Papua New Guinea," featuring natives of all ages in traditional dress, in their native environment, performing daily chores, and engaging in sing-sings. The genesis of my expedition to PNG was my father's service during WWII and his stories about how the native people assisted the Allies in many facets of the war effort. My series of oil paintings is in honor of my dad's service and that of the good people of PNG. My artistic ability, training and track record combined with my business marketing and presentation experience would be a win-win for the ART in Embassies program. My motivation for applying for this program is to inform the public about the traditional culture of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea. Over the years, I nurtured my passion for art. In grade school, I prepared the artwork displayed in our classroom. In high school, I was elected Art Club Secretary and President. In college, I earned a B.A. in Education and then taught Art K-12. In business, I marketed information using visuals, such as charts, graphs and diagrams, to convey ideas. Today, I follow my passion - art. Thank you.