Dalya Luttwak


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Dalya Luttwak
About the author

Dalya Luttwak was born in the Northern Galilee, Israel. Educated at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Lives and works as a sculptor in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Luttwak latest series is primarily vividly colored, steel structures based on actual plant roots. Her most recent sculptures are site-specific or site-responsive, dynamically adapted to the indoor or outdoor environments for which they are designed. Luttwak's "Roots" have been displayed in solo exhibitions at the Triennale Museum, Milan, Italy; the Kreeger Museum, Washington DC; the Arsenale, Venice, Italy (on the occasion of the 54th International Venice Biennale); James Madison University's Sawhill Gallery; and American University Museum's Katzen Arts Center. Her group exhibitions include those held at the Historical Society of Washington, DC; the Greater Reston Arts Center; the Art Museum of the Americas; and the U.S. Botanic Garden. Luttwak has served as Visiting Artist and Guest Critic in the School of Art and Art History at James Madison University and as a Board Member of the Washington Sculptors Group. Her work has been the subject of several exhibition catalogues and has been reviewed in Sculpture, Art Papers, and dozens of American and Italian publications. Since 2007, I have been working on a series of large-scale steel sculptures that symbolically represent the root systems of various plants. My sculptures are site specific or site responsive; they are made out of elements by process of attachments to envelop big volumes in space, sort of painting in space. At times, I work from the roots themselves, which I dig out of the earth; other times I photograph, copy or draw roots as the basis for my work. I try to uncover the hidden beauty of roots, exploring the relationship between what grows above the ground and the invisible parts below of various root systems. My sculptures reveal what nature prefers to conceal. My wish is to uncover and discover roots even when they are hidden, indeed especially when they are hidden.