Daniela Nikolaeva


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Daniela Nikolaeva
About the author

Daniela Nikolaeva is a first generation American, and an award-winning artist working in a variety of media: abstract and objective paintings, digital art, photography, graphic design, web design, and illustration. ?The captivating subjects of her artwork explore human psychology, beauty, and music. In her mixed-media paintings she uses her own unique mixtures of hand-made pigments (like the old masters used to do) to create brilliant and durable colors. ?? Daniela exhibits internationally in two continents: Europe and North America. In 2010 she was a Grand Prize winner at a US national competition for professional artists, “Summer Pastel Challenge”. ?? In May- July of 2011 she held a solo exhibit “Music to Your Eyes” in San Francisco, CA, featuring mixed media paintings, live music performance, and video projections. ?? Daniela was born in Bulgaria, Europe. She studied art form a very early age and completed her Master’s degree at The Bulgarian National Academy of Art in Sofia. While still a student at The Academy, she received an award for her participation at a National Retrospective Exhibition for Graphic Design. Her art and design work have been published in German, Bulgarian, and American magazines. In the early 90’s she immigrated to USA, where she currently lives and works. “I am an American by choice. I wasn’t born into it; I had to work at it. This is why I have an enormous appreciation for my adoptive country,” she stated in one of her interviews. Daniela lives in California, and works as a professor at The Art Institute of California – SF, and at Berkeley City College, where she teaches classes related to digital imaging, design, and animation. ??