Gordana Gerskovic


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Gordana Gerskovic
About the author

Gordana Gerskovic was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, but in 1997 life surprised her and brought her to the United States where she has lived and worked since. Gordana studied to be a graphic artist, but quickly discovered that her true passion lays in photography and mixed media art. Gordana Gerskovic’s Fine Art Photography is some of the most aesthetically enriching work to be offered to the art community and city at large. Trailblazing in her craft, Gordana reflects her fascination with nature through her work by presenting the viewer with evocative and abstract images of natural forms, organic objects, and surfaces. Gordana’s tantalizing work is a result of “snorkeling with her camera through the city, looking for undiscovered beauty.” Gerskovic is a member of Foundry Gallery in Washington DC