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Gary Lehman
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Gary Lehman is a designer, artist, and educator in Chicago. With the founding of his studio, G Studio, he strives to provide independence and fresh approach to projects with an eager work ethic. His style and experience has evolved in the past decade of work in reputable landscape architecture firms and several series of paintings and drawings. Currently, Gary Lehman is working on garden design projects, instructing design courses, and completing artwork for a landscape series of paintings and linoleum block prints. His studio is beginning to see more work and there is foresight to some very interesting projects on the horizon. Artwork of his will be shown at an upcoming exhibition in Chicago. Artistic skills have dominated his personality since childhood and have become an integral part of his persona professionally and personally. He has exhibited in several local galleries and institutions since graduating high school. These institutions include Purdue University, The Plant Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, Suzie Gibb Gallery, Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival, Cole's, and many additional institutions. Currently he is working on several linoleum block series regarding music and landscape memories. He has a solo show in the Fall of 2016 at the Art on Armitage Gallery. Gary Lehman has completed several public art sculptures around the nation including Indiana, Chicago, Texas, West Virginia and Idaho. Many of the commissions were awarded through a public request for proposal and highly competitive. Each of the works represented an association to the cultural landscape of the region and the people. After completing his degree in landscape architecture at Purdue University, Gary acquired 11 years of at various firms including two nationally renowned firms, Carol R. Johnson and Associates and Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects. His design experience spans from residential to institutional in scale and located across the nation and work in Abu Dhabi. The work provided great experience from conceptual design to construction of projects. Several of the projects were recognized and received awards through the American Society of Landscape Architects, American Planning Association, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. In addition to his art and design experience, Gary has taught at several educational institutions within Chicago diverse academic scene. He has taught and lectured at institutions such as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Morton Arboretum, Northwestern University, The Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Combining the academic and professional practice of design has proven to maintain and stimulate creative ideas throughout his career. Gary Lehman envisions his new firm to provide a forum for creative ideas. It will allow for the independence to pursue creative ideas flowing into the art and design fields. His new studio opens a new chapter into his career and will prove to further the establishment of his own personal style