Guang Zhu


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Guang Zhu
About the author

I romanticize mathematical equations. To me, they seem to live through stories and places. I work with mathematical formulas and computational code to visulize parametric equations. I study those moving visulizations to explore the research aspect of parametric equations in relationship to its geomotry. Then, I wonder whether we can feel mathematics as synesthetic experiences in their abstract artful motions. Can those aesthetics evoke some metaphysical understanding of art? I grew up in Northern part of China, NingXia, an Arabic culture influenced cityscape. I devote endless passion for art, music, science and the natural world. I received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Master's from NYU Tisch School of the Arts - ITP. My Master's thesis "An Aquarium of Equations" has received a grant from the Lower Manhattan Culture Council in 2013, and its accompanying research paper "The Parametric Courante" was published in Fylkingen Publishing's Hz Journal in Stockholm, Sweden. Its following paper "ReasonLess Math" was published at VOKE Journal and was presented at The Arts in Society conference, Rome, Italy, 2014. I resided in NYC, freelancing as a programmer and endlessly creating art works and seeking opportunities to show my creations to share them to the world!