Hans Feyerabend


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Hans Feyerabend
About the author

Hans Feyerabend, originally from Berlin, mixes European style & tradition with American boldness. The subjects he tackles are never just planned, and the process of creation is as important as the final product. In his unconventional works he lets emotion and intellect collide. No matter the size or subject, the images each possess a riveting narrative quality. They beckon a journey... through elaborated combinations of color and shape. Hans Feyerabend's scope of work is not limited to painting in oil and acrylic, he also works in mixed media, sculpture and occasionally on installations and design. His subjects are often fictitious portraits, sometimes animals or landscapes. “I am very interested in people; what their looks stand for, how they would like to be seen and how they are actually perceived by others. And how that struggle can be translated into visual art.” The paintings evolve in an open process using drawing techniques, acrylic and several layers of oil.