H. C. Turk


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H. C. Turk
About the author

H. C. Turk is an artist working in the disciplines of painting, photography, digital art, literature, and sound. His photographs and digital images have appeared in Camera & Darkroom, Photographer’s Forum, Graphis Annual, Digital Fine Art Magazine, American Photographer, and on many web-sites. He won the “Creative/Fine Art” category in Popular Photography’s International Contest. His paintings, prints, and photographs have hung in several local and national exhibitions. He has also won the Toray Industries Digital Art DCA Grand Prize. Villard and Tor have published his print novels, Ether Ore and Black Body, and his short fiction has appeared in The Chicago Review, Gadfly, theNewerYork, etc. Over two dozen web-sites, podcasts, and/or radio programs have featured my sound and video art.