John Dearing


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John Dearing
About the author

John Dearing is a recent graduate of East Carolina University's photography BFA program. He finds it amusing that despite considering himself a photographer and having received his degree in it, the majority of his work does not involve using a camera. Since 2007 he has prefered working with scanography (using the scanner as an image capture device) and alternative process photography to the traditional or digital camera. His current work centers on the perception of photography as a true representation of reality, how far that can be pushed and to what effect it can be used. The use of photo-imaging to lend reality to the unreal is the cornerstone of his current body of work, drawing inspiration from artistic renderings of new discoveries in science. In the past and (hopefully) in the future he has worked on photo-illustrations representing folklore and tall tales from Western Europe and the United States. Currently John is studying Graphic Design, attempting to broaden his skillset and bring a new approach to his work.