Jordan Dossett


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Jordan Dossett
About the author

Born 1971, Northern California. Attended University of California, San Francisco. Now living in Maryland, Jordan Dossett is a artist living with the day to day life of Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed 10 years ago, Jordan has lost the feeling in the majority of her left hand and suffers from extreme "vertigo-like" symptoms. A successful business owner, Jordan has always found the joy of life in creating art. Finding inspiration in the things seen or often unseen, her art is bright and vibrant. Raised by her Grandmother, Jordan lived in Northern California until relocating to Maryland in 1996. A prodigy of art from a young age, Jordan's Grandmother arranged for private art lessons which Jordan continued through college. During her college years, Jordan was known for confounding her instructors by clothing nude models in figure drawing and insisting that black and/or white is indeed a color, that it was simply a matter of perspective. How has Multiple Sclerosis Affected Jordan? A number of the earlier pieces were created all by hand. No brush, just a large canvas and Jordan's hands. Pushing and working the paint into the body of the canvas, Jordan was able to create art using unusual artist materials "her hands". Now, Jordan is forced into more of a traditional tool set of brushes and pallet knives. Her hands, affected by the numbness of the Multiple Sclerosis makes painting a labor and exhausting activity. Know for locking herself in a room for a weekend and producing 8-10 new paintings, Jordan now has to pace herself and mind the internal communication of her body. Face it, if your hands are numb, you can't hold a brush let alone feel how much pressure is being applied to the canvas. Jordan still paints on a regular basis and is hopeful that sharing her art now with the public will help elevate artists with disabilities and bring Multiple Sclerosis, an often hidden disability to light.