Janet Seifert


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Janet Seifert
About the author

Janet creates abstract acrylic paintings with luminous color and ethereal forms that explore the humanist philosophy of aesthetics, expressing and illuminating the human spirit through a sense of the beautiful. In the spirit of experimental discovery she practices the technique of abstract Improvisation, a spontaneous yet contemplative approach to painterly expression born of abstract expressionism. Using gestural brushwork with the flowing elegance of fluid acrylic pigment, the process is a visual meditation colored with insights and notions of the moment. It’s alchemy of a certain sort, working with intuition and materials in a way that have no predictable outcome. For me, it is a journey into the mysteries of creativity. A native of Baltimore, she studied studio art and art history at the University of Maryland, College Park, on a full scholarship awarded by the Maryland State Legislature. After a career on the west coast as a graphic designer and naming consultant, Janet returned to painting and drawings, the creative work she loves most. While living in San Francisco, she exhibited in a variety of venues in the Bay Area and beyond, and was represented by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery at Fort Mason Center. Now residing in her home state of Maryland, she continues to exhibit and is active in the local artist community. Her paintings and drawings are found in collections across the United States and internationally.