Ken Holden


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Ken Holden
About the author

Ken Holden (he/him) is educated in cinema and still photography and focuses his film and digital knowledge on creating unique visual perspectives both real, (in-camera), and imagined, (software enabled), that tell absorbing visual narratives stemming from two near-death combat experiences while serving in the Marine Corps. His life/death juxtaposition paradox is synthesized visually presenting images that require contemplation and reflection, while incorporating uncertainty into the visual construct. Holden’s many Collections represent an ever-inspired viewpoint of creative sight that strives to bridge the unknown about life and death and what it means to be alive. Often his photographs are philosophical challenging the viewer to ponder the work on a deeper level, thus drawing the viewer into the photograph and its story. His unconventional view is not constrained by genre, process, or other elements of traditional imagery, rather he presents photographic statements of dynamic and static scenes in life expressed through a variety of processes that are best suited to his artistic vision. Holden’s artwork has been exhibited in museums, published, and collected by individuals, and corporations.