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Ken Holden
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My work explores the psychology of visual interpretation that was inspired from two near-death experiences during the Vietnam War as a combat Marine Corps Veteran. I strive to challenge the viewer's perception of photographic images, and how individuals synthesize photography and art, to bring a deeper experience observing their environment. Often abstract, the photographs are a record of the world around us as it is requiring thought and reflection intertwining realism and metaphoric representation as a means to create dialogue from the images I create. I am fascinated with the convergence of art and technology, especially with respect to photography and attempt to meld the two into a visual storyline expressed by the viewer, rather than by me. Six of the eight Collections the photographs are created in-camera and do not employ special software filters to achieve a specific image effect except for standard image processing; Architectural Moonscapes and the Liquid Flowers Collections are the two exceptions. During the last 15 years I have produced eight unique Collections: • Architectural Moonscapes, 2014 - 2015 • Abstract Realities, 2014 • Natural Surroundings, 2013 - 2014 • Traditional Visions, 2013 - 2014 • How Others See Us, 2012 – 2013 • Photo Anagram Images, 2008 - 2011 • Unaltered State of Reality, 2008 - 2011 • Liquid Flowers Series, 2001 - 2007 My interest integrating art and technology continues to expand from the photography app, BeMUZE, I created in 2011, (available on Apple's iTunes app store), to the recent Architectural Moonscapes Collection that combines architectural photography with digital software composing. Exhibits 2013, Ken Holden: Photographic Impressionism, Stanford University Art Spaces, Center for Longevity March 2011 - 2013, Stanford, California. 2010, Ken Holden: Photographic Impressionism, Stanford University Art Spaces, September - October, Stanford, California. 2010, Abstraction in Photography, The Vermont Photography Workplace, October, Middlebury, Vermont. 2010 Ken Holden: Visual Interpretations in Photography, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco de Young, April, San Francisco, California. 2009, Ken Holden: Elusive Impressions, Art Museums of Los Gatos, August - September, Los Gatos, California. 2007, Flowers, Group Show, February - March, Rush Creek, Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Projects 2011, BeMUZE, iTunes iPhone / iPad photography application, March release, Apple iTunes App Store. 2011, BeMUZE, YouTube iPhone / iPad video demonstration, (previously titled, PAI Creator). 2010, Commission project for private collector, black and white image scroll. 2008, de Young Museum Membership Drive Campaign. Artist in Residence 2010, Artist in Resident, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco de Young, San Francisco, California Publications 2013, Installation Magazine, 20 + 20 Photography Issue, Photographic Impressionism and Ken Holden 2011, Convozine Social Media Magazine, PAI Creator - Patterns from Image Replication 2010, Convozine Social Media Magazine, Being Here Now: The Photographic Impressionism of Ken Holden 2007, Camera Arts Magazine, Liquid Flowers, May/June issue, pages 18 - 21. Lectures 2010, Impressionism: Game Changers & Boundary Breakers, April 29th, de Young/ArtPoint/Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, live public radio broadcast. 2007, Photographer's Interest Group, Palo Alto, California.