Lynn Matsuoka


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Lynn Matsuoka
About the author

“Few artists so completely dominate their field that their name becomes synonymous with the subject matter, but Lynn Matsuoka has succeeded in capturing the essence of Sumo and has won a loyal following along the way”reported CNN. “Like Degas with his dancers, Matsuoka set out to depict the particular beauty of performers who devote their lives to an all-encompassing craft, capturing the nuances of the world they create in the process. Her own devotion was noted, and doors opened that had never been opened before, to anyone”. Born and raised in New York, Lynn Matsuoka studied music and art at Temple University in Philadelphia graduating with a BFA. She began her career as a fashion illustrator for Saks 5th Avenue, Vogue,then Women’s Wear Daily in NYC. She documented the Watergate hearings for ABC and CBS before moving to Japan. Milton Glaser described Matsuoka as "...probably the greatest living reportage artist…". Matsuoka has worked with Sumo,Kabuki Theater, Bunraku (puppet theater),Geisha & Maiko in Japan for 37 years. A color commentator on the NHK TV worldwide Sumo broadcast for 15 years, she has acted as liaison/translator for NBC sports,The Asia Society, President Carter & National Geographic.Through her artwork Matsuoka has been instrumental in introducing sumo to the world at large. This award winning artist has also worked with Native Americans, Ballet, Equestrian Events, Film, Hawaiian Hula, Major League Baseball, Musicians, the NFL, Dance & Theater. Her first book “The Scent of Binsuke” was published in Japan,1981. She has been the subject of numerous documentaries and is currently working on an autobiographical novel. Matsuoka exhibits internationally. Lynn Matsuoka’s goal has always been to capture the intense and private moments while athletes & actors prepare for their performances. Her paintings and drawings provide an insight into worlds that represent the spirit and history of a country and it’s unique culture.