Lawrence Philp


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Lawrence Philp
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About the Artist Lawrence J. Philp I am a painter. I hold the BFA and MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Michigan’s, Horace Rackham Graduate School, School of Art and Design in Ann Arbor, MI. So much of making art is studio based. My life’s journey is my source of inspiration as well as my bike riding, driving or walking through the everyday environment. I like to typify my work as “Abstract Expressionist”. It is a contradictory allusion as my paintings are currently 8 x 10” not 80 x 110”. I grew up in New York City. I have painted, made drawings or made stuff for long periods of my life and I have taught on the university level as well as Adult Education Courses in New York, Rhode Island and rural upstate New York as well as Florida where I currently reside. I am re-emerging even if I never really emerged at all. I have been working at painting and my practice of painting for the last 40 years. As far as my own studio work goes I work in a studio situation and I endeavor to paint every day.