Malgorzata Budzynska


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Malgorzata Budzynska
About the author

Writer turned artist. Inspired by the vast capabilities of the software, I only concentrate on creating digital graphics . Shape, color, form of abstract art, which is a visual depiction or representation of a reality, can be timeless, contemplative and transcendental. , Abstract Art, by forcing us to seek explanations and interpretations, stimulates curiosity and thinking. Exhibitions: solo: 2013 - Photographs from New York (Warsaw) group show: 2014 - linocuts (Warsaw) group exhibition: 2016 - posters (Kharkiv, Ukraina) "Chernobyl 30, Fukushima 5"; in the framework of the exhibition program of the Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design "Golden Bee 12" and the European Week of Memory dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and the 5 th anniversary the tragedy of Fukushima.