Marcia DeCamp


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Marcia DeCamp
About the author

My work is first and foremost contemporary. Taken immediately with the graphic and geometric patterning inherent in the art quilt medium, I have focused my work on abstract design. Control of shape and color in my work is derived through the choice of materials and piecing technique. In my use of hand-dyed fabric the resulting color variations are more predictable and directly my own palette. I respect the quilt medium but vary the result for modern design. Influences for me are the surrounding skyscape and landscape, which I have many times interpreted in my “Jet Trails” series and “Geometrics” series. I have a strong preference for studio work, and my show schedule allows my work to be seen nationally on a regular basis. Since establishing my studio in 2000, I have enlarged and rebuilt the work space as a state-of-the-art studio, so that it now serves not only for my own work, but as a meeting place for dialogue about contemporary fiber work. I do this through hosting regional and national teachers. It is here that I continue to create my work, defining my style and manner of design, as well as listen and collaborate with others in new textile work.