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paula jensen
About the author

Paula Jensen is a self taught metal artist. Her art career began in college studying life drawing and painting techniques. Paula began to experiment with forge work and metal creation, with her millwright husband, Larry's tutelage. Within a few years Paula was designing and then creating custom works for clients through her business Earth Eagle Forge LLC. Paula likes to have her clients involved in the design process that personalizes each piece she creates for her clients for site specific art. She is a diverse artist creating functional art as well as purely sculptural. Paula has a worked as a welder fabricator for different business. In 2001 she became self employed in order to pursue a metal art career through Earth Eagle Forge LLC. The experience gained as a two dimensional artist to a three dimensional, equipped Paula with the ability to first conceptualize an idea or design by sketch work, and then implementing those ideas into reality. Each piece she creates has been formed, welded, carved piece by piece. Paula doesn't use any castings in her work. Her tenacity for detail is evident in the finished pieces. Much of Paula's commissioned work is by involving the clients in the process of creation. Paula has an instinctive ability to listen to customers on the desired work of art and translate those conversations into unique, one of a kind sculptures