Rick Braveheart


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Rick Braveheart
About the author

As a Native American landscape photographer Rick braveheart constantly strives to share the beauty of our land and its creatures with others. Over the past several decades, his work has evolved from simply a skill to a form of meditative practice--an extension of my being. Early along, he sought out subjects relying solely on his eyes and ‘the rules of photography. Now, the cameras are guided by his heart and a sacred respect for all things in Nature. Instead of looking for subjects to photograph, he now listens quietly to the land and its creatures. Over time, some begin to speak or move to the forefront of his awareness in ways that his eyes alone would have never seen. When this occurs, Rick often realizes that the camera has already made the photo. While his photographs reveal a single, often timeless moment, they also tell a deep personal story about the subject and its interrelationship to the world around it. Rick is guided by his American Indian (Tuscarora / Iroquois) principles of walking gently upon the Earth and honoring the land, its people and creatures to help maintain harmony in Nature. Where that harmony exists, beauty flourishes. His wish in each photograph made is to share with others the beauty of Nature and of the Earth. The more others can see and appreciate that beauty, the more they may come to realize the importance of helping to protect the Earth for future generations. As an artist photographer, Rick has the unique distinction of serving in 12 Artist in Residence appointments for the US National Park Service. He also photographs extensively for The Nature Conservancy, public conservation and nature and groups, and Forest Service groups. His work is found in hundreds of public and private collections, has won numerous national and international awards and is on long term exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum, Washington.