Rashad Muhammad


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Rashad Ali Muhammad
About the author

Rashad Ali Muhammad is a multidisciplinary artist of the African diaspora residing in the Washington, DC region. He’s known for creating vivid and captivating works reflective of the vast complexities of the human experience. Muhammad primarily explores the intersections of culture, race, spirituality, identity, emotions, and sensuality through collage. He celebrates the vastness of the human spirit, reinforcing notions of individuality, self-love, and connection. His work reflects a desire for people to relate and understand each other on a deeper level and addresses stereotypes and misconceptions that (continue to) confront people of color and queer people today. The visual artists who have impacted Muhammad's principal style and creative delivery include Gavin Benjamin, Bisa Butler, Kehinde Wiley, Lorna Simpson, Maria Rivans, Temi Coker, and Maxime Manga. Yet his influences are not limited to the visual arts; music, film, and fashion hugely impact his practice. The clarity, refinement, and execution of Muhammad's work reflect applied strengths from formal education in photography and graphic design at American University in Washington, DC. In addition to his art practice, Muhammad works as a graphic designer and freelance creative director. His contemporary artistic sensibilities and classic design training fuel his whimsical and innovative approach. Muhammad's work has been exhibited extensively throughout the Washington Metropolitan area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) with other national and international exposure. Notable solo shows include the Strathmore, MD, Anacostia Arts Center, DC, and the Art League, VA. His work has appeared broadly in print and digital media, including Kolaj Magazine, British GQ, and Magic & Melanin Magazine.