Rachel Raynes


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Rachel Raynes
About the author

I was raised in the south and grew up primarily in Jacksonville, FL where I attained a BS in Biology at the University of North Florida. I later moved to Tampa in order to attend the University of South Florida where I’m working on a PhD in Biology. Art has always been an important part of my life, though at times has been pushed aside due to my other pursuits. As a graduate student, I have gradually learned that fostering my interests outside of academics is important in order to lead a happy, well-rounded life. I was originally trained in oil paints, but my lack of patience lead me to favor acrylics. I enjoy painting nudes and straying from the constraints of realism. My goal is to develop a unified abstracted style of the female form and then to adapt in a new direction once I’ve acquired it. When I’m not painting or slaving away in grad school, I also enjoy training my bulldogs, reading, dabbling in photography and web design, photo editing, baking, and enjoying a good glass of wine.