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steven hornstein
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i grew up in a fine jewish family in portsmouth, va --just west of norfolk and va beach. at woodrow wilson high school i worked on the STUDENT newspaper and played tennis; i also did some tutoring. i majored in biology at columbia colege of columbia university in new york. while at columbia, i rowed lightweight crew, did emergency room volunteer work, and held 2 part-time jobs. college summers, i worked for the excellent jensen construction company in norfolk area. i traveled to israel, amsterdam, england and scotland during my college years. i entered eastern va medical school wth the charter class in october, 1973, and soon became the lunar society host ---having dean robert manning, md; richard davis, md; and the other 23 students over to my apartment for heinekins beer, kosher hotdogs, and trimmings we students could get our marching orders. after doing quite well in medical school for a while, i had unusual and severe psychiatric experiences. this soon lead to 25 years of unnecessary psychiatric abuse ....seclusion rooms, restraints, and 200 forced, painfull prolixin injections; i am now permanently crippled with tardive dyskinesia. since thelate 1970's, i've published 5 cartoon books about my above experiences, and i've shown my cartoons in 3 shows. i am an active mental health advocate/volunteer worker/local and state leader.