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Tricia Miho
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Biographical Information I am an Argentinian born visual artist, self-taught in the arts with residency in United States. Born in a family of artists, my grandfather was a well renowned Italian silver and goldsmith designer. His unique design pieces were solicited from private collectors, political dignitaries and today are part of museum collections. Despite de fact to carry such strong DNA I decided to have a formal education in classical music Bachelor in Piano and a Master degree in Law and Social Sciences. But since a child I demonstrated the tenacity to express my practice in the visual art world attending well known painters workshop until I left Argentina. One of the most influential master painter groups were with the disciples of Juan Battle Planes, where I learned the automatism techniques in drawing. Also, I attended night workshop at the School of Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, needing the permission of my parents since I was under legal age to practice the drawing of live nude sketches. I mastered the drawing of the human body and starting to subconsciously form a powerful evolution for my series of “Humanoides”, series that I continue until the present. “Humanoids” took me to a long journey in drawings and watercoulors exhibiting in galleries and juried exhibitions. The peak point was the special award by the three English Royal Academies in painting, watercolor and drawing from London, England. Through the years, I developed an unique artistic style influenced by De Chirico and Brueghel progressing into the transformation of metaphysical creations with dramatic feelings. I have numerous exhibitions, awards, special mention awards in multimedia, drawings, painting and photography with reviews from Japan, USA, South America and Europe. My artworks are held in private collections as well as public institutions.