Toni Silber-Delerive


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Toni Silber-Delerive
About the author

Born in Philadelphia, I studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art.  A Manhattan-based artist, my work is featured in private and corporate collections and has been in many exhibitions including solo shows in New York e.g. Adelante Gallery, National Arts Club, Rockefeller Gallery, NY Studio Gallery in Chelsea, James Beard House, Interchurch Center, Blue Hill Plaza and Speakeasy Gallery. A selection of group shows includes Van der Plas Gallery, George Segal Gallery, Curate NYC, Blue Mountain Gallery, Dacia Gallery,The Chelsea Art Museum, Kaller Fine Arts in Washington, DC and Riverside Gallery in NJ. Additional information, press articles and visuals can be seen on my web site www.tonisart.com. A realist in perception and approach, I paint aerial views that represent the diverse places and spaces of contemporary subjects, primarily landscapes with the focus on compositional aesthetics and color. The aerial vantage allows one to discover a modern perspective and fresh visual vocabulary. The flattened surface plane of each image reveals tenuous textures and unexpected abstract spaces. Depth becomes minimal and detail less predictable while retaining the essence of the subject. I am fascinated with images of cities, towns, suburbs, farmlands, factories, and highways from the vantage of aerial transport and high-rise buildings. Whether hovering vertiginously above city streets, byways, country sides and harbors, I examine the relationship between the man-made and the natural, the urban and the rural, the agrarian and the industrial. I look at the worlds of power, labor and leisure. My work can be understood on many levels, from the interplay of shape and color to the narrative of the pictorial story.