Vladimir Nazarov


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Vladimir Nazarov
About the author

Vlad Nazarov is a contemporary visual artist living in New York City. Nazarov was one of the very first artists to settle down in the once industrial-wasteland-like area along the East River known as Dumbo. He is a firm believer in the power of art to enrich neighborhoods. The beauty and power of present Dumbo is the way in which it demonstrates the power of artists to shape and uplift the community. As a painter, Vlad is largely known for his innovative use of color and layering. His subtle meditations on space and movement seemingly express the essence of life itself. Ultimately, Nazarov’s works are an emotionally charged, open-ended treatise on the human condition. With masterful flourishes and painterly delicacy, again and again, Vlad proves himself as a master dissecting the eternal mysteries of what it means to be human. Seldom constrained by any sort of limitations, Nazarov is just that type of artist who defines himself beyond the limits of definition. Philosophically speaking, Nazarov believes that it is when we create that we are truly alive, and that the feeling is contagious. Looking at one of his many well-executed artworks can produce a mini epiphany in the viewer. Art is alive, and the viewer becomes a part of the work itself the very moment they begin to absorb, process and make sense of its many meanings.