My work is an expression of my life experiences and interests. Born in the USA into a family of artists, writers, and inventors. I spent many years in Europe, on the island of Cyprus, England and Belgium. A graduate of the Architectural Association London, now a professional visual artist. My art practice and creative life purpose are an ongoing commitment to innovating and exploring new ideas not only technically and aesthetically but also on a human and ecological level. For two decades my work has been engaged in a dialogue about environmental and cultural values, addressing the impact our social and economic priorities have upon the earth. I am actively involved in provoking an emergence of ideas and creating a dialogue about these issues using my art works as a vehicle for this in ways that express beauty, reverence, poetry and whimsy. Story, myth, meaning, mood, perception, pattern, color, texture, composition, hierarchy, symbol, and archetype are some of the things investigated and employed in my art work to awaken a state of mind in the viewer consciously or unconsciously. The work is in part a reflection of my life experience having lived abroad for many years, learning to speak new languages, living with diverse cultural traditions and different lifestyles. This has resulted in my frequently exploring new territories, thinking outside the box and investigating new ways of expressing my own aesthetic and seeing it through to its conclusion without getting distracted by trends. Historical and ancient, sacred and modern, architectural and mythic, translating these into many mediums and forms such as sculpture, installations, paintings, prints, textiles and interiors. My work is testimony to my love of the handcrafted artisan process, making my own paints, up cycling found papers and objects and mark making with hand tools, typewriters, scissors, building the work from layers of meaning and materials. Both my studio work and site specific public art works are deeply connected to place and the communities served. My aim is to uplift and inspire others always looking for new ways to share and collaborate what I have learned, nurtured and crafted. My work is currently represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Museo Gallery in Langley, WA.
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