I'm a Filipina British national (full name: Melendres Howe), a self-taught artist in Chinese Watercolor and Digital Art. My formal background includes a PhD in Math and Computing at Imperial College London, a few years at various banks and fund houses in the City of London, and current employment as Principal Pension Specialist at the Asian Development Bank. I co-authored a well-received graduate text on optimization and financial risk management, published by Princeton (Book Title: Algorithms For Worst-Case Design And Applications To Risk Management). I paint Chinese watercolor and I digitize my painting to explore the hidden gems in the Chinese watercolor. I have a huge portfolio of new, un-exhibited works, both original Chinese watercolor and Digital Art. All my Chinese watercolors are original and unique. All my Digital Artworks are signed and from a Limited Edition of 8. I won in the 2016 International Emerging Artist Award (Dubai) and have exhibited some of my Digital Artworks in other exhibitions. My website is http://xuanspring.com.
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