I’m a Pratt graduate in Industrial Design '97, because of that I currently enjoy working in a sponsored art studio. It’s my job to be a role model for the community. Lived experiences, interactions with community are expressed through my artistic documentations of struggle and emotion. Embracing the life circumstances, poverty or pain, synergizes my painting. American culture in this neighborhood is often an unadvertised face of economic culture that is compelling; it is beautifully worth the exploration. I have been doing work that typifies the community’s public prudent lifestyle and simultaneousness in striving through it. Real people are represented in my art as well as the reality of their means and the difficult aspects of our American individual and family life. Creative practice comes from and fueled by the direct experience of living I could even state that a direct experience is derived from your own creative process. Then I change it back to a 2 or 3D experience by creating a visual visceral language called art. It is speaking in a sight rather than a speaking language. Thankfully in 2016 I am able to share my vision further, I’ll be included in Blue Door Quarterly Journal Publication, a published article in ArticulAction Contemporary Art Review. I finished Albin Polasek Museum show Sight Unseen: Touchable Art December 2015; and a group show for the Public Arts Initiatives, Chenango Arts Council, Norwich, NY. Earlier in 2015, in an art auction showing at Bard College's LaVoz Magazine through Arts Mid-Hudson. Previously have shown in Hudson Valley, Bronx, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Jose and NYC.
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