Linda Beeman is a landscape/waterscape artist working exclusively in the hand pressed, water-based Japanese art of Mokuhanga – woodblock print. Linda has been Artist in Residence at Mt. Fuji, Japan and at several U.S. National Parks. She was most recently at Petrified Forest N.P. The process of Mokuhanga is a rare and ancient art that is in danger of being lost due to technology and economic influences. "Wood, watercolor, rice paste, paper – these are the ingredients. Mokuhanga has allowed me to express myself in an environmentally responsible way." Created in small editions, each print is hand painted and hand printed. They are individual works of art – not copies – They are individual works of art – not copies – and never reprinted. Carving individual wood blocks for each color in the print, isolated profiles are separated and then joined again on beautiful Japanese paper. "I am moved by a reverence for nature that cannot be adequately expressed in English. The Japanese word, Kokoro means "heart; mind; soul; emotions; feelings". The word, Ma translates as “a pause, a space between or a space yet to be fulfilled." An interval. A consciousness of place. It is in this “pause” that the soul finds rest and reflection. It is where I go." Creating a sense of stillness and peace and shelter…… the journey of viewing awakens you to the vulnerability of our natural spaces.
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