I am a native New Orleanian who has lived in Cozumel, Mexico, Santa Fe and Taos, NM and I currently live in Indianapolis, IN, where I am studying and practicing art. I enjoy painting primarily landscapes in a style that is best described as some combination of intuitive, abstract and impressionistic. The medium I prefer is acrylics, but I have also done some oil and watercolor paintings. My paintings have been featured in many local exhibits, but none recently due to the pandemic. I am working toward becoming a full-time artist, which I hope to accomplish within 2 years. My hobbies, interests and talents also include a love of languages and acquainting myself with different cultures, particularly the Latin American and Native American cultures. I am also a social worker and a teacher and I enjoy making jewelry, cooking, landscaping, interior design, creative writing and reading. I speak fluent Spanish and consider the time I spent in Mexico to have been significant in the development of my interest in other cultures. Two of my paintings are currently on loan to the U.S. Embassy in Latvia.
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