Robert O. Mayhew grew up in Washington DC. Like his father he was gifted as an artist. When visiting the library as a young child he was intrigued with various styles of art from Walt Disney to Norman Rockwell, From Boris Vallejo to Giovanni Antonio Canaletto. He would copy and mimic each of these and other notable artist styles and approaches to art. This would greatly shape the kind of artist he would become. Robert began his career as a paste-up artist in the mid 80’s and he eventually evolved into a graphic artist/muralist. During this period he has freelanced his art to magazines and and book publishers. His ability to create in various styles helped him to provide for them designs, illustrations and paintings that fit their specific needs. In 2002 he started working for Signs Unlimited Inc/SUIcreative as a graphic artist/muralist where he continues today to develop his various technics and styles in the art world.
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