I have always had a passion for art, even from a very early age. I was the go to person in the family when someone needed a poster drawn for a school project. When my older brother was in first grade, and I was in preschool, he had to draw a picture of his house for a class project. As he sat across the table from me, working on his drawing, I began working on my own drawing - an exact mirrored version of his. Now many years later, I have been working as a graphic designer for nearly 15 years. Though I enjoy making a living being creative, its my personal work that drives my imagination and fuels my soul. Have you ever stared at a cloud and saw shapes and images in them? The essence of my art is for the viewer to look deep within my images to find something much more than what they originally saw upon the initial view of the pieces. The images I have created have many layers in them, and though at first glance the main composition does register with them, it is upon further reflection that the viewer can see “hidden images” that were originally unnoticeable. The approach I take with my artwork is very distinct, in that I incorporate numerous photographs into a very unique composition. Utilizing anywhere from six to two dozen images or more, I build a piece up. At times when layering the images, other images can be noticed, and I will adjust the highlights and shadows adding some digital paint to make the piece more cohesive. With a vivid imagination I try to present the essence of staring at clouds within my own artwork. If you look at the shadow shapes and highlights within the image, other objects will start to take focus.
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