Saba paints on canvas and paper, and most of her works are monumental in scale. She explores the possibility of merging the languages of drawing and painting through employing brushstrokes, geometric forms, and gestural marks that at the same time suggest figuration – as well as drama, grotesque or dark comedy – and fragment into abstract spaces. Her work is about the human condition in today’s world, with precarious present and insecure future. The relationship between individuals and society has always occupied her mind. Therefore, with her work, she intends to open up the conversation on how such constructs as gender, race, culture, politics, economic system, nationality, borders, migrations, etc. are mainsprings of this relationship, and how people become victims of the systems they have themselves created. She likes to pinpoint how much it is a determinant in our time, and how escaping this predicament - mentally, emotionally and physically - is the only way to survive. This idea derives from her own experience, of feeling alienated in her homeland Tehran, only to find herself homesick abroad. Saba graduated from LeRoy E.Hoffberger School of painting at MICA in May 2019.
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