Anniek Verholt

Anniek Verholt (’79) is a Dutch artist and artistic therapist based in Londen. She was educated as an artistic therapist in Leiden, the Netherlands (’96-’00) which led her onto an interesting professional path practicing and researching the therapeutic use of art.
Her glass studies at the University of Sunderland (UK MA Glass ’04) played a major role in her artistic development. During this time Anniek explored the boundaries of this versatile material and worked with respected artists and teachers in the glass art world such as Zora Palova and Professor Sylva Petrova.
Her work as a glass sculptor is contemporary, looks at often complex social and existential questions and takes the viewer away from the expectation of traditionally admired qualities of glass. In her work she searches to express a balance between strong opposites, for answers to complex questions, for stillness in chaos and for an essence and truth of life. Her artistic journey allows her to revisit the beauty and knowledge of ancient civilisations which have inspired her to create a primitive and powerful series of Tribal Art.
The often stone/wood-like glass objects embody a primal quality that feels familiar and intriguing.

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