Cathy Jeffers

Cathy Jeffers was an art teacher for 35 years, her career exended from peschool to adults incuding private and public schools. She taught at the Dayton Art Institure, State and local Art teacher Conventions, at Wright State University and as worked as a professional fiber artists since 2005. She has exhibited in many art galleries and museums throughout the country including at the International Quilt Museum in Nebraska and the Dairy Barn Art Center in Ohio. She was in Quilt National 2009. Several of her quilts have appreared in books and catalogs, such as Confident Color and The New Creative Artist by Nita Leland, Quilt National: The Best of Contempory Quilts and Fiber Arts magazine.
Throughout her quilting carreer, admirers have felt a warmth shine through in her quilting style. She often combines bright colors and vivid patterns but is just as comfortable with a more subtle pallete. Her inspiration comes from stories she experiences or are invented, current events, beautiful nature scences, animals, floral and strong women in commanding roles.
The techniques she uses are intuitive, rarely using a sketch, raw-edge applique, fusing and secured by a satin stitch or left loosely secure. She uses her sewing machine much like a coloring pencil to add design to the surfce of the fabric and combines pattern fabric for the illution of movement and layers fabric for depth and definition. Her talent is in the selection of fabric which speaks to her as a natural texture. Cathy has studied sculpture, weaving, paintng, ceramics, and mixed media and she know what she is steering for in her art quilts.

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