Cookiee Obligacion

Cookiee Obligacion an artist from Los Angeles, CA by way of Atlanta, GA.

She holds a BFA in Digital Media; graduated from Otis College of Art and Design
in Los Angeles, CA.

She has assisted teaching with Watts Towers' Arts and Cultural Center;
CAL Arts Community Arts Partnership; CAP, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept.

She has also taught art to students from recreational, middle to high school.

Her concentration is photography, digital media, illustration and design, although
she appreciates and embraces other media and art forms.

Her inspiration and appreciation of the arts stems from God's phenomenal, beautiful creations; nature's beauty and the distinctive human touches in the world, along with the countless creative contributions from other gifted, talented artists, and their exceptional works.

She expresses her unique concepts, visions, perceptions, perspectives, whimsical twists, experimentations, observations and explorations of how she extracts images from the world then invites and presents her art works to viewers.

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