Takayuki Daikoku

Takayuki Daikoku (born 1976, Shiga) is a sculptor. After completing the MFA of Osaka University of Arts, he stayed in Germany twice for about six and a half years (2001-03, 2011-16). He explores the harmonious beauty of natural diversity, and cultural diversity in modern society, and creates sculptures, drawings, and installations. So far, mainly both Japan and Germany, he has exhibited consistently at galleries, museums, and art fairs, participated in residency programs, and collaborated on three years with the county of Havelland, Germany on an open-air sculpture project. His work was selected for FACE 2018. In 2020, he accomplished the installation of his masterpiece, a sculpture, in the private residence of a Dallas-based art collector through online video. He's currently represented by MARUEIDO JAPAN(Tokyo), and Semjon Contemporary (Berlin). His recently solo exhibitions are A Part for the Whole at MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo, and Cosmos at The Terminal KYOTO, Kyoto.

I represent the beauty of balance that exists within the juxtaposition of different things. I use several visual languages, such as sculpture, drawing, and installation, all of which contain a "moderation". It’s a kind of beautiful vibration in which harmony is maintained. In my work, conflicting things occur, such as organic and inorganic, concave and convex, ground and figure. I mainly adopt traditional materials such as wood, paper, iron, stucco, pencil, and paint for my works. And I use various techniques to create them. A double structure emerges in the pieces that seem to move back and forth between the two items.

In the natural world, when the balance is lost, the ecosystem is distorted and sometimes a serious disaster occurs. It can be said that diversity is a continuous belt of various conflicting things. I believe that maintaining that delicate balance will be an important guidepost for modern society.
The beauty of the cosmos (The beauty of an orderly or harmonious system) is also the beauty of relationships and events in the world. It seems that it is vibrating like “life”. This aesthetic image has become an important motif in my work.

1976 Born in Shiga, Japan

2016- Based in Shiga, Japan

2011-2016 Stayed in Rathenow, Brandenburg, Germany

2001-2003 Stayed in Berlin, Germany

1995-1999 Graduated from BA Fine Art Department, Osaka University of Arts

1999-2001 Graduated from MA Fine Art Department, Osaka University of Arts

solo exhibitions
2021 Cosmos, THE TERMINAL KYOTO, Kyoto

2020 A Part for the Whole, MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo


Faltzeichnungen / Folded Drawings, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2016 3 × SOLO: TAKAYUKI DAIKOKU -Sculpture & Carve Painting-, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2015 Land Art Project: Schloss Park Wagenitz , Schloss Park Wagenitz, Havelland, Germany

Fokus Garten-Salon:Takayuki Daikoku, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2014 Landschaft und Gärten:Takayuki Daikoku und Susanne Knaack, Schloss Ribbeck, Ribbeck

2013 renmen – ununterbrochen, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2011 Before going to Germany, Atelierausstellung, Shiga

2009 Fertility Child, Galerie Shinanobashi, Osaka

2008 Sprout Rhythm, Art space NIJI, Kyoto

Things which are left in Pandora’s box, Galerie Shinanobashi Osaka

2006 Rebirth, Dot Art Cosmo, Osaka

2003 Intervention I: Takayuki Daikoku @ KSb, KioskShop berlin

2001 Let’s make withered trees to be in bloom, Naturhistorisches Museum Chihaya, Osaka

2000 Ishizue/Foundation, Galerie Ou, Osaka

selected group exhibitions
2021 X x X – X Jahre Semjon Contemporary, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin


Re:diffusion, MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo

2020 Skulpturen-Boulevard, Birkenwerder–Hohen Neuendorf, Germany



48hrs, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2018 Accrochage, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Diffusion, MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo

2017 Rencentre -Wismar : Berlin-, gallery Kristine Hamann, Wismar

Archive for DANDANS, private house, Tokyo

Penetrating Paper -Drilled, Cut, Folded-, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2016 Accrochage, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2015 Landschaft & Gärten II, Schloss Ribbeck, Ribbeck

2014 x/x (+x)Galerie- und Künstlereditionen, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Dear Artist, Draw for Me! -Part 2: Figuration, Illustration, Notation and Sign, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Berlin meets Tokyo, Gutshaus Steglitz, Berlin

Landscape and Gardens:Takayuki Daikoku and Susanne Knaack ,

Schloss Ribbeck, Ribbeck, Germany

Dear Artist, Draw for Me!-Part 1: Abstraction, Concretion, Notation and Structure, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2013 Accrochage, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Straßensalon, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2012 Eindrücke zum Gedenken an eine Kiefer, Osterkirche, Berlin

Salon Cabinet, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Accrochage, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Kleines Kabinet, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2011 Choice of (II), KSb KioskShop Berlin, Berlin

Salon Cabinet, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2009 Thing matter time, Galerie Shinanobashi, Osaka

2007 Individual work IX, Galerie Shinanobashi, Osaka

4.Kunstsalon Berlin, KSb, KioskShop berlin

2002 Installation in Serie, Otto-Nagel-Galerie, Berlin

1999 Interlinks, Chrystal Tower, Osaka

1998 Japan & China Artexchange, Universität der Künste, Osaka

Art Fairs
2020 artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA, MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo



2018 Paper Positions Munich, Semjon Contemporary, Munich

Art Bodensee, Semjon Contemporary, Austria

Paper Positions Berlin, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

2016 Art Bodensee, Semjon Contemporary, Austria

2015 Positions Berlin, Semjon Contemporary, Berlin

Art Bodensee, Semjon Contemporary, Austria

2014 Art Bodensee, Semjon Contemporary, Austria

2017 FACE 2018 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibition, selected

Artist in Residence
2003 International Wood Symposium vol. 8, Vogtland, Germany

1998 Takihata Artworking, Osaka

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