Joshua Abarbanel

Joshua Abarbanel is engaged in an on-going examination of the act of creation and the passage of time, regularly using forms and patterns evocative of biological, botanical, geological, and mechanical structures. Finding inspiration in fractals, accretive formations, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel often creates art that simultaneously evokes microscopic and aerial perspectives. These compositions serve as metaphors for archetypal relationships_ between people, between individuals and communities, and between humankind and the planet, and also illustrate how disparate parts can come together to make a whole in beautiful and startling ways.

With an MFA in ceramics and expertise in digital tools, Abarbanel employs a range of media. His recent series of wood sculptures combines the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment and hand-built construction. The inspiration for these works comes from his long fascination with structures of the natural world, as well as from parts of ideologies including Romantic landscape, environmental art, and wabi-sabi.

Abarbanel’s work was part of a two-person show at Porch Gallery Ojai (Ojai, California) in the spring of 2016 and the focus of solo exhibition in 2014 at Hinge Parallel Gallery (Culver City, California) and in 2017 at Taj Gallery (los Angeles, California). Two sculptures from his Reef series were included at the Fleming Museum of Art (Burlington, Vermont) in the group show "In Grain: Contemporary Works in Wood" (2015). In 2015 Abarbanel took part in a shipboard artists residency in the Artic Circle, and has an ongoing body of work—comprised of sculpture, photographs, and video—inspired by the experiences. In 2016 has was commissioned by the Jewish Museum Berlin to create a large-scale sculpture for their fall 2016 exhibition, "Golem." The sculpture will be on longterm display beginning in late 2020 at the Jewish Museum in Worms, Germany.

Abarbanel received dual undergraduate degrees in art and psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters of Fine Art from the University of California at Los Angeles. Upon completing his MFA he delved into the world of digital art and graphics, disciplines he teaches as a professor at Los Angeles Harbor College. He lives and works in Santa Monica, California.

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