John S. Barge III

The Art of John Barge lll (Art of JB3) "ARTIST FOR THE PEOPLE" - Visual Creative for the Art World, he creates inspirational Works of Art and Visual Art Media for the Global Community of Art Lovers and Novice alike.

John S. Barge lll, a native of Virginia, a Calif-based illustrator, blends the strong elements of Fine Art in his Works. Intrigued with the Realism & Renaissance Style of Michelangelo and Modern American Artist Ernie Barnes he produces portraits of art of human subjects (figurative style) and still-life subjects of detail expressionistic art with the use of vivid color using a varied number of mediums. The favorite among clientele are the Portraits of Art in the Prisma Color Pencil Meduim. John was a former Arts and Film Teacher (K-12th grades). He considers himself as an Artist for the People, with inspiartional works that draw people to a socio-economic and social-ethnic change.

He hold several Visual Arts Director positions with several American non-profits in Southern California, and travels extensively around the globe shooting Documentary Films with a strong Visual Communication and Field Photography for Animal Wildlife and a varied subject matter.

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