Sofia Carmi


My paintings are abstract in form and composition, inspired by the colors of nature. The imagery is painted in organic geometric style in oils, thickly layered with brush and palette knife on canvas. The space is divided in different colors.

I paint as I see and feel while integrating an idea. Each concept is hidden underneath the layers of paint. This allows for a multiplicity of meanings and--although the subject is abstract in form--the content emerges with time and reflection.
The painting style is an ongoing search of form, spontaneous expression, imagination and vision.
The paintings are a direct connection between the observation of the world and one's own inner reality--a bringing together of the conscious and the subconscious through the act of painting.

The paintings capture the emotional and mental world. It is a way of looking for the essence of the essential, and using the paint to transform it, like alchemy.

The paintings are a visible record of my experience, memory, artistic philosophy and dreams. They are colored by various places of travel, growing up in several countries, and my current residence in San Francisco.

A painter's reality is weaving together each series and making the painting alive and anew every time I paint. Each painting and series has a hidden story that unfolds as a metamorphosis occurs from pigment to a painting.

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