Brett Kaufman

S. Brett Kaufman is a San Francisco-based artist whose work is inspired
by the numerous biographies he has read over the years.
His ongoing series of surrealist portraits has been twenty years in the making.
Brett's work is created using one of, or a combination of the following: photography, collage, and assemblage.
He often thinks of his work as a puzzle that is put together piece by piece, similar to a mosaic.
Each image has a separate story to tell; and likewise, a separate technique involved.

Kaufman's work has been presented in museums, galleries, and alternative spaces
as varied as San Francisco City Hall, SF Camerawork, Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum,
New York's Monique Goldstrom Gallery, and the Rumbach-Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary.
In '96 “Ode to Harvey Milk” became the poster and playbill for the San Francisco Opera’s
production of “Harvey Milk The Opera”. Brett's imagery, has graced the covers of The SF Bay Guardian,
Frontiers Magazine, and over 30 issues of the San Francisco Sentinel.
His art has been enthusiastically received over the years, and sits in many prestigious collections,
including the Rene de Rosa Foundation in Napa Valley, the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam,
and sold through the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C..

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