Brian Edmonds

Brian Edmonds (b.1974) is an artist living in Alabama. His recent shows include The Lost Sea (Huntsville),
DUSK: Embossed (Manhattan/Saint Chamas, FR),
DO IT YOURSELF (Brooklyn), White Hours (Cyprus) and OFF THE WALL (London).
His monoprints are currently available thru DUSK editions in Brooklyn, NY.
Brian’s work can be found throughout North America and Europe.

In 2012 Brian launched the online exhibition space Curating Contemporary. Since its inception the site has
hosted over 30 exhibitions. He has also maintained the Curating Contemporary blog during this time. The
blog is a source for upcoming exhibitions, studio visits, and interviews he has conducted with artists. Brian’s
writings and interviews can be found in the catalogue for Clayton Colvin’s Space Mountain as well as the
online journal Figure/Ground Communication.

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