Carol Reed

To make art that is both personal and artistically relevant, I consider my semi- abstract approach a search for the visual logic to living in the world. The imagery presented here is filtered through observations, thoughts and memories from the landscape of my inner life.
I am fascinated with cultural boundaries and the impact of iconic markers –disruption in the natural world, the built environment-- ingenuity in the designed world --the pleasure of decoration. I am amused by puns, ironies and mixed messages plus the shifting meanings of components out of context. I look for affinities that unite the seemingly unrelated through a vocabulary of reusable shapes – heavily working through volume and void, inside and outside, positive and negative, original and imprint.

The pieces presented here show construction and deconstruction as significant to each piece—evidence of the artist’s hand assertively applied. By cutting, tearing and layering, I puzzle through a process of subtraction – building by removing, deleting my way to clarity. The resulting images are densely built with multiple technique combinations --painted areas layered over drawing, layered over with multiple hand printed images, (blocks of carved wood, lino and rubber) –resulting in deep marks, thick geometry and hard edges worked against a flow of delicate drawing, the fog of past images – memory of abandoned thoughts. Overlapping transparency connects layers; top becomes bottom, patterns advance and recede. In each piece –I work toward this constant exchange, searching for the rational thread and key to an internal logic. Outwardly, I am oriented toward timely artistic issues while living my own aesthetic sensibility.

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