Curt Ginther

Mr. Ginther is a Media Artist whose work spans four decades. His current work is inspired by his daily ocean swims at Kaimana Beach on Oahu, Hawaii, and the complex native plant material throughout Hawaii, primarily at Foster Gardens and Lyons Arboretum.

Mr. Ginther was classically trained at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 70’s. He studied at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Ireland and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington and a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA. His award winning architectural work on the UCLA campus is nationally recognized in the Historic Preservation field.

When asked about his painting, the artist remarked that “I find nature to be a continual source of inspiration in Hawaii, from which to explore the universe; a sort of divine treasure chest. The themes I work toward depend on the random, exuberant, effusive nature that is ever present in Hawaii, if we continue to see it. Choosing not to merely replicate, I prefer to work with the chaos. As his mentor Robert Rauschenberg once put it, ‘I choose to have the maximum lack of control so that something might happen that I couldn’t possibly have thought of.’ The magic is in those intersections between being in and out of control.”

Mr. Ginther lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and his works on paper and canvas are held in collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, including private collections, high-end department stores and hotels.

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