David Warner

David grew up in New England and moved between Connecticut, Vermont and Maine mostly. He attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio and majored in Studio Art (Highest Honors) and Physics. After a year as a carpenter in Washington DC and a ski instructor in Waitsville, Vermont he attended Columbia University School of Architecture and spent the next six years living in New York City.

In the mid 1980s David moved to Aspen, Colorado to pursue a career in Architecture. Since 1989 he has been a partner at Lipkin Warner Design and Planning, now located in Basalt, Colorado. The firm has garnered numerous awards and published projects.

Design and drawing had been the focus of David's career, and he still practices architecture. Painting, however, is distinctly separate from his architectural training. Both venues share compositional introspection though not overt visual resemblance.

Expressive brush strokes and color shift David's landscape subjects towards abstract expressionism, with the exception that a penchant for rendering and spacial depth remain and compete with otherwise deconstructionist tendencies.

David lives in Carbondale, Colorado with his wife and has a son (who is encouraged often to embrace art as a career).


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