Elizabeth Walsh

With my art, I seek to explore the mesmerizing complexities of the natural world. The symmetrical and abstract come together in surprising ways and vivid colors capture the range of nature’s possibilities. As some of the paramount issues of the day, environmental stewardship and cultural competency are more necessary than ever before. My work encourages exploration and action with an ultimate goal of inviting people to go and spend more time outside. It is also my most sincere hope to promote a curiosity for adventure whether that be in the local community, throughout the nation, or around the world. My travels have heavily influenced my appreciation for the environment which can been seen in the diverse settings of my artwork. I work largely with pointillism to create systematic, precise patterns which diverge into intricate disarray mirroring the complexity of mountains, forests, and deserts. From travels around the world to a simple day hike, I will continue to be influenced by the world and its people.

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