Fiona Carey

Fiona Carey is an Irish, multi-disciplinary artist who has studied at Central Saint Martins, London and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She has exhibited in group exhibitions including The Ashford Gallery, RHA, Dublin, DesignFesta, Tokyo and Aoimori Print Triennale, Hokkaido.

Her current body of work began life as a series of simple watercolour studies of Autumn leaves, collected on woodland walks. She hadn't painted in many years but began again as a form of stress relief.

What started out as therapy, ultimately led her back to her first love and she threw myself back into it.

She spent every free hour painting and embarked on new mediums, taking a series of encaustic painting workshops with one of my favourite local artists, Joanna Kidney. This ancient style of painting with beeswax, resin and pigment instantly captivated her.

Simultaneously, she began practicing meditation and mindfulness, spending more time in nature, deepening my existing Reiki practice and studying spiritual, artistic, mathematical and architectural theories and concepts like the golden ration/Fibonacci sequence, divine geometry, Satori, Arabesque art, Hindu art, tantric and dharma art.

The resulting work is created from a place of joy, oneness and divine purpose. It is multi-faceted, enchanting and magnetic; representative of all things and no one thing. It captures the oneness of all existence, of creation, conception, birth, death, orgasm, fleeting moments of absolute clarity and pure consciousness, epiphanies, brainwaves, awakenings. These pieces are atoms, amoebae and galaxies. They are at once cellular and universal, capturing both divinity and flawed humanity.

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